About the Artist

headshotI am a self-taught artist. Nomadic by nature and at home in our bustling city, I find inspiration in music from around the world, in the shapes found in nature and in the work of great artists who’ve come before me. Trained as a dancer, I approach art making with my whole body, my whole being. I love working with children because we share the same needs: to trust our big imaginations, to explore the “how” involved, to be in close proximity to authentic beauty, and to be brave enough to expose and express ourselves.

My work is an aesthetic mix of folk art, architectural maquettes and whimsy that speaks to all ages. I have been influenced by children’s book author and illustrator Maira Kalman, god of tiny things Charles LeDray, painters Frida Kahlo and Georgia O’Keefe and choreographer and brilliant thinker, Liz Lerman.

When I am not busy repurposing the contents of my recycling bin into toy robots and other assorted crafts, I enjoy spending time with friends at museums and concerts, reading anything and everything, and getting close to the sea. I love to walk on the beach in Coney Island early in the morning when I have the ocean all to myself. My favorite color is hot pink, I love a good travel tale and I turn a mean cartwheel.

In previous lives, I have worked as a schoolteacher, modern dancer, college instructor, box office manager, waitress and print model.

Photos by Daniel Talonia and Stephen Schuyler

“I am passionate about the whole child approach to education. I relate to each child from my vantage as special educator, movement instructor and artist. This allows me to see children beyond their individual academic aptitudes, and to get to know them through their multiple intelligences. My objective is to guide children in creative experiences that foster meaningful learning and inspire confidence, and ultimately to provide the opportunity for each child to experience a clarity of expression for which they all yearn deeply.” –Nicole Pouliot