The process of commissioning a custom art mural begins with a free on-site consultation. Whether you have a clear idea of the mural work you want, or if you just want to spruce up your home or office but don’t have anything in mind, Nicole will come to your space and help you to shape your vision. Painting time varies and can be accomplished as quickly as in a long weekend for some jobs, and others will take longer depending on the size of the wall and the amount of detail work involved in the design. Painting hours are scheduled in partnership with the client and can be flexible to meet your needs.

petAll paint used is professional-grade Acrylic art paint and will not cause any odors or fumes in your home or business. When you eventually move on from your current home or office space, the mural can easily be erased with standard primer paint. A $200 materials fee will be charged for each job in addition to the artist’s project fee. Project fees vary depending on the project and a quote will be given at the time of consultation. Murals begin at $1500.

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