Projects to Make at Home

Paper Plate Fish!

All you need is a paper plate or two to create these fun fish. This is a great projects for kids and toddlers alike!


Octopus Hats!

Who wouldn’t want to sport one of these cute Optopus hats!?! This project is really fun for a birthday party craft, or to add a bit of whimsy to a rainy day at home.


Turtle Puppets!

These fun paper puppets can mimic the behaviors of real turtles as you can pull the head into the shell and then poke it out again when your turtle is feeling less shy!

Turtle Puppet

Waving Mermaid Puppet!

This fun puppet project will keep you busy for hours. Go ahead and create a whole pod of mer-friends!

ta da

Robot Puppet!

Turn an empty soup can into a silly robot puppet and let your imagination run wild– beep! beep!

dot robots

Gilded Pasta Frames!

These faux fancy frames are easy to make and will add glitz to your art collection without costing a dime!


Tissue Box Houses!

All you need is an empty square tissue box and some imagination to create a house for a toy, a fairy or even your pet hamster!