Gilded Pasta Frames!

Gilded Pasta Frames!

These faux fancy frames are easy to make and will add glitz to your art collection without costing a dime!



– 1 piece of cardboard larger than your art piece

– a variety of uncooked pasta

– Gesso (the art version of paint primer)

– Gold acrylic paint

– masking tape

– a hot glue gun

– paint brush


Step 1

Cover the edges of your cardboard with masking tape to create clean, smooth lines. Trace the outline of your art piece on to the cardboard and then set the artwork aside.


Step 2

Making sure to keep your pasta shapes within the “frame zone” and outside of the interior rectangle where the artwork will go, lay out your pasta pieces as you like them. Use the hot glue gun to secure them to the cardboard.


Step 3

Use your paint brush to cover the entire piece in Gesso. I find it useful to water some of the Gesso down to get the material into the nooks like the inside of the wheel-shaped pasta. Don’t forget to get all sides of your pasta pieces covered!


Final Step

Paint the entire frame gold with the acrylic paint (you may need 2 or 3 coats). Glue the artwork in the frame and you’re golden!