Robot Puppets!

Robot Puppets!

These fun puppets are made from recycled tin cans and have endless possibilities for character invention and play!



– 1 clean tin can or coffee canister

– 1 tennis ball

– 1 silver cupcake foil

– 4 pipe cleaners (I like the silver ones!)

– a pair of googley eyes

– assorted label stickers

– sequins

– a hot glue gun

– duct tape


Step 1

Turn your can upside down and line the rim with duct tape just to be sure that there are no sharp edges that could cause a scratch.


Step 2

Use your hot glue gun to secure the tennis ball to the closed end of the can in the center. If the ball has words or a logo on it, face that side up. Next, put hot glue on the top of the tennis ball and cover it with the cupcake foil and then add the googley eyes.


Step 3

Cut the construction paper to fit nicely around the middle of the can as you like. This is the robot’s control panel and you can design it any way you wish. It’s fun to use the label stickers as buttons, and some kids enjoy writing words on the stickers such as On/Off and other functions.


Step 4

Now you can hot glue the control panel on to the robot’s middle and also add any embellishments you’d like– I added sequins to the top of this one’s head for pizzazz!

Next you need to join the 4 pipe cleaners into 2 robot arms by twisting them together. Twist two pipe cleaners together into an X about an inch crossed and then twist until they are joined. Do this to both pairs so that you now have 2 long arms.


Final Step

About 1/3 of the way in, twist the two pipe cleaner arms together to make a wishbone-type shape. Wrap the open ends around the robot’s middle until they reach each other and then twist those ends into the second arm. If the arms are uneven or too long, you can always start again or snip them with a scissors to adjust the length.