Turtle Puppets!

Turtle Puppets!

These fun paper puppets can mimic the behaviors of real turtles as you can pull the head into the shell and then poke it out again when your turtle is feeling less shy!

Turtle Puppet

Kids can use one open hand to hold the puppet and one hand on the straw to move the head and make the turtle appear to come alive!

Hiding Inside


– 1 paper bowl

– 1 sheet of green card stock

– 1 plastic drinking straw

– small bits of green craft felt

– a pair of googley eyes

– markers, do-a dot-stampers, glitter glue, crayons etc. for decorating the shell

– masking tape

– stapler

– scissors


Step 1

Turn your bowl over onto the green card stock and trace around it, adding 4 legs as you go.

Step 1

Step 2

Use scissors to cut two arch-shaped openings across from each other on the bowl. One can be smaller than the other. Now use various craft materials to decorate the upturned bowl as the turtle’s shell. It can be fun to do some research with kids to look up online or in a book the types of patterns and shapes seen on the shells of real turtles and tortoises.

step 2

Step 3

Cut the felt into the head and neck shape and also a small triangular shape for the tail. Use a sharpie to draw a smile and glue on the googley eyes. Now use masking tape (colored tape is a fun addition) to attach the head and tail to opposite ends of the drinking straw.

Step 3

Step 4

Slice two parallel horizontal slits in the middle of the card stock base. Thread the straw through the slits so that the head and tail ends are ready to be fitted with the shell.

Step 4

Final Step

Place the shell on top of your card stock base and staple! Voila! Now you have a turtle puppet friend to play with!