Nicole has a very rare gift. Who else could harness the boundless energy of a boy and get him to sit down and create art! Little did he know, she was developing and expanding his fine motor skills. Now art projects are his go-to for playtime fun!

–Melissa F, Manhattan

My children have had the absolute pleasure of working with Nicole for the past three years. Her enthusiasm and love of art has rubbed off on them and they have grown so much as they have embarked on their amazing artistic journey with her. She has introduced them to so many different forms of art & has shown them that everyday items can be made into amazing pieces! Nicole has a great knack of really tapping into each child that she works with and tailoring projects to their individual interests and abilities.

–Ursula C, Manhattan

Since I picked up my daughter after art class today, she has said many times, “…Mom, lets use our imaginations” or “Mom, I used my imagination.” The class really impressed her–especially the idea of using her imagination!

–Holly E, Manhattan

It has been really cool watching my daughter get so excited about art. And she’s not the only one – when her friend and neighbor comes over for a play date, painting is the first thing they want to do, and what they stick with the longest. It even outranks dressing up like a Disney princess!

–Juliana K, Manhattan

Nicole is a true inspiration– a gift to our children!

–Jillian W, Brooklyn

Nicole is a very talented teacher that uses creative ways to teach students through art and exploration. She is kind, very attentive and has a knack for making every child feel special– she is a gem!

–Nina V, Manhattan

Nicole created a magical forest in my daughter’s nursery complete with an adorable owl and a moon to watch over her. I was amazed at how quickly Nicole put it all together with very minimal direction – creating a special place for me to nurture my first child. Even early on, my daughter Emma was very interested in these images of leaves and ferns, and I have to think that the unique environment of her painted room has helped foster her awe of nature.

–Jenn R, Washington, DC

Nicole is an amazing artist. She transformed our son’s room into an underwater world where he is thrilled to sleep each night and where imaginative play has unlimited possibilities. She has a great eye for color and the mural complements the decor of the room perfectly. Nicole is very professional and her creativity was a pleasure to witness!

–Mandy D, Connecticut

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