Postcards From Home

Postcards From Home HouseNicole started Postcards From Home as a public art project in 2011. Over the past couple of years, friends and strangers from around the country and around the world have sent in postcards by mail that express why they feel that their state/country is “home” for them. The cards have been used in a variety of ways during dance and storytelling performances–text from the postcards has been read on stage and the cards have also been used as props and sets.

After experimenting with sewing some of the postcards into a little house, Nicole has decided to now focus the project on one large sculpture. She has begun crafting hundreds of received postcards into a house structure that viewers/participants will be able to physically enter.

POSTCARDS FROM HOME wants to hear from you–send us a card!

1. Find a postcard from your state or country
We’d prefer the state over a city or landmark. For example, a state of Tennesse postcard versus one that says Memphis or comes from Graceland… not that we don’t love Graceland!

2. On this postcard please express why where you live is “home” for you

3. Put a stamp on it and pop in the mailbox to:
Nicole Pouliot
P.O. Box #260405
Brooklyn, NY 11226

Voila! Your postcard will arrive in our mailbox and make itself right at home to be shared, treasured and manipulated one way or another for the artistic purposes of this project. Check back from time to time to find out how the piece is progressing, and come visit your postcard from home in performance or on view!